Parents; Did you know that nationwide, teens report that the biggest influence on their decision to use alcohol or other drugs is you?

It’s never too early to talk to your children about alcohol or other drugs.

How to Talk With Your Child About Drugs Communicating with your child about drug use should not be a one-time occurrence or a one-way process. Conversations about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs are not like inoculations that can protect children for all time. Talk with your children often as they grown from preschool to adulthood.

Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use As a parent, you can learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug use and communicate with your child openly and honestly about any concerns you may have, discuss healthy alternatives, and seek treatment if necessary.

Got 40?

40 Building Blocks for Healthy Youth Development:
While we all know the importance of food, clothing, and shelter for children and know where to get them, we often don’t know what strengths, values, and qualities are needed, nor how to supply them. The 40 Developmental Assets shows what is needed and how to furnish them.

Committed Campaign:

  • The Committed Campaign  involves parents, merchants, and youth themselves. Parents are urged to commit to preventing underage drinking. It also asks young people to make a committment to be drug and alcohol free and be above the influence. And merchants pledge to comply with regulations not to sell alcohol to anyone under 21.
  • Take the Parent Pledge….
    Parents pledge to provide a fun, safe, and alcohol-free environment for their children and to model responsible decision making.

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