Good News NC

“The Positive is the spirit of hope and community that we all share in the knowledge that, irrespective of our temporary conditions, we can better ourselves, our cultures and the world.” – Dr. Jeff Linkenbach

Why Good News?

There are so many ways that positive news can improve our lives by bringing emotional well-being, inspiration and health. We know that we won’t have to look too far in Nevada County to find Good News about people young and old here in our wonderful community.

Sharing the Good News in Nevada County:

It’s a Community Effort!

There are many ways that each and everyone of us can make a difference in the lives of young people. In our “Good News” collage we highlight just a few of our local champions for youth:

  • Lynn and Halli who are committed to providing new events and opportunities and empowering young people through NEO
  • Officer Zack who is committed to ‘Teaching kids to make GREAT decisions” through the GREAT Program.
  • The Meyler family is committed to enjoying a healthy lifestyle together.
  • As a parent, Lacy is committed to talking to her daughter about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Sommer is committed to being a positive role model for young people in recovery.
  • Pharmacist Bob Maier is committed to helping people safely dispose of Rx medications.

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